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Offertorium 01/19

Offertorium (2000) is a modern day variation of Albee’s Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf. Edda and Wodan invite two strangers to perk up their stale marriage in a night of hedonistic games in which everyone shamelessly exposes their desires


Edda and Wodan live like gods in the clouds: on the nineteenth floor of a tower block. After an evening at the theatre they take Eddie, a willing and young supernumerary, home with them for a little extra spectacle. A game. Living out their hedonistic fantasies. But then - between willingness and reality there are things in the way - and not only clothes. Nothing seems to happen. Not even a cup of coffee and an aspirin help. Only the coincidental arrival of a Salvation Army soldier is able to inspire everyone again. It's not only in the mind, but also in the heart - that's what she teaches the partygoers. That is also the most important conclusion of this play, about an evening in which everyone shamelessly exposes the recesses of their desires. 

According to the playwright Erik-Ward Geerlings Offertorium (2000) is a modern day variation of Albee’s Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf, but then seen in a fun-house mirror. Offertorium - named after the part of the mass in which the body of Christ is offered symbolically - elaborates on this theme.

The premiere of Offertorium took place on February 25, 2005 with ZT Hollandia, directed by Gerardjan Rijnders.

ZTHollandia, Gerardjan Rijnders (direction) / Erik Lint (video)
Publication date:
25 February 2005


Rijnders, Gerardjan (regie)
Geerlings, Erik-Ward (auteur)
Klinkenberg, Rob (dramaturgie)
Brauw, Elsie de (Edda)
Bokma, Pierre (Wodan)
Greidanus jr., Aus (Eddie)
Pittoors, Frieda (Riet van Geelkerken)
Warning, Marc (decor)
Snijders, Sabine (kostuums)
Lasance, André (productie)
Denesse, Mark van (licht)
ZT Hollandia (producent)
Original format:
Magnetic tape