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Behind the scenes of the Rijksmuseum

Week number 50-11

Newsreels in which Dutch subjects of a certain week are presented.


The daily routine behind the scenes of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam: what happens outside of the exhibition halls? SHOTS: - A visitor of the museum (played by Henk van Ulsen) walks around the halls, a catalogue in his hand, peeks curiously behind a curtain and leaves the museum; - a hall where there was an exhibition recently is cleared; exhibition pieces stand scattered in the hall; employees carry a painting or take away a statue; - people are busy with preserving and restoring the collection in workshops: a wooden statue is injected with fluid to fight woodworm; a damaged frame is repaired in a framer's workshop; the damaged Gobelins and tapestries are restored in a workshop; dents are beat out of a helmet of an armour; - other employees are at work in the depot for paintings and sculptures.

Polygoon-Profilti (producer) / Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (curator)
Publication date:
19 February 1950


Original format:
Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision